Training Bra

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What is a training bra?

If you’re beginning to feel that you should be wearing a bra, but haven’t quite sprouted yet, a training bra might be just the thing you need.



Even if you’re pretty much flat, a training bra can help you fit in with your friends at school. It can be embarrassing when all the other girls are wearing bras and it’s obvious that your boobs aren’t quite ready yet.



“When I was a little girl I begged my mother to get me a training bra. All the other girls were wearing them and I wanted one too”


Whilst there’s nothing you can do to help your breasts develop any quicker or grow any larger, wearing a bra can help you to start feeling like a young woman and fit in with your teenage peers. (Yep, that means all those breast exercises are a waste of time!)


Training bras are designed to come in sizes smaller than the standard AA or A fittings and are made especially to fit developing teens.


Teen Styles & prices


One of the best bras that’s recommended as a “training bra” is the sports style. This can be like a mini-vest style and often comes in mix and match underwear, i.e. with matching panties.



“My mom took me shopping and we found a set of underwear with a top much like a light sports bra.
I got to pick it out myself and that increased my confidence…”


If you’ve got access to the internet, you might like to check out pictures of different styles and prices at the online stores – although shopping there is probably not a good idea as you’ll want to check the fit of your new purchase first.


If you compare prices between proper sports bras and the training bras designed specifically for young women, you’ll find that the latter style are probably a good price, given that you’re unlikely to be wearing it for many months – or at least, only until you get your first proper bra.


Finally …


Getting fitted for your first bra is really important – whether you go alone, take a friend or go with your mom – trying on one or two different sizes and styles can help you to enjoy and feel comfortable with this new stage in your life.


You should be able to do this in the privacy of a changing room or booth – lingerie fitting rooms are used to helping by fetching different sizes from the shop floor, so don’t be afraid to ask for help.



“I remember wanting a bra in 5th grade.
I told my grandmother because I just couldn’t broach the subject with my mom.”


If your mum isn’t happy for you to get a bra and you’re embarrassed that you’re not wearing one – try talking to an aunt, grandmother or family friend who may be more supportive and may be able to help you convince your mom that you’re growing up – and it’s a fact, whether she likes it or not!


Most importantly, enjoy the feeling of confidence that it gives you as you make yet one more step into womanhood.