Styles Of Bra

Bra Styles –

lace, sports, tshirt, sheer or lace ?

Once you’ve passed the first hurdle of choosing and buying your first bra, you’ll need to get regularly measured and buy new styles to fit and flatter, depending on what you’re wearing.


For most teenagers, a simple style is the T Shirt bra.


T Shirt


The choice in bras is endless – but you can’t beat the good old tshirt bra for being easy to wear under any garment.


Basically a t-shirt bra is contoured and seamless so that it won’t show through your clothes, allowing your clothes to run smooth over your underwear.

Whilst you can buy them in different shades – ensuring that you have at least one in a white, cream or skin colour will mean you can pop this on under any outfit.




This style first became popular in the 50’s when the off the shoulder dress was all the rage.


Strapless bras can really enhance the look of a special dress or outfit – but it’s essential that they fit.


If you’ve ever had that feeling of your bra slipping and moving and had to slide out to the ladies room, you’ll know what we mean!


If you choose a slightly larger cup size than usual, and try a tighter band, you’ve a better chance of it staying firmly where you put it.


If you’re going to be doing a lot of moving around on the dance floor, you might be better off with a clear strap bra, rather than a strapless bra.



Most bras are made with a lot of Lycra, which,
because of body heat, tends to stretch out during the day and takes a full 24 hours to return to its shape.




On the whole, this style is not advised for anyone with D cups or larger, unless you have one professionally fitted by a lingerie store.


The Goddess brand offers a range of pretty and strapless bras





Suitable for daily use as a first bra, by smaller women, and for sports use (e.g. tennis, running, aerobics) this style is available in a range of sizes and styles.  This style offers support and comfort for your bust during physical activity.


Read more about choosing the right sports bra for you.





If you’re wearing sheer fabrics, you’ll want a bra in a matching colour that won’t show under your clothes.


You can get bras with sheer panels at the sides or back, or wearing matching panties with a sheer lace panel at the front.





Most women like a bit of feminine accessorising – hence the addition of lace or ribbon trims to bras.


It’s important to try these on, as sometimes the lace can rise or stick out giving a distinctive shape underneath your clothing.


Some of the most popular styles of bra have a lace effect trim, for that perfect feminine touch.



Push Up bras


This style focuses on shaping the bust and cleavage.



“A push up bra can add shape and cleavage to women that may not normally have it.”



Different styles of push ups can suit different shapes and sizes – you’ll need to try these on in the fitting rooms to see which feel more comfortable and look most flattering.


However, as you’ll see from the comments below, if you’re wanting to maximise your breasts, this may not be the style for you.


“I’ve tried Wonderbras, miracle bras and corsets – they all seem to flatten my chest, rather than pushing it up and making cleavage”


“I tried the Wonderbra and the Miracle Bra – they didn’t work. I was impressed with Frederick’s of Hollywood Water Bra – it gave me the cleavage I never knew I had!”


“Go for a Balconette bra, rather than a Wonderbra (which pushes em in, not
up!) “


“Gossamer makes an absolutely amazing “contour” bra that makes everything
look perfect – not the hoisted and squeezed look of so many push up bras – from Bloomingdales”



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The Wonderbra


Although originally designed as a push up bra, this is more a push-in, cleavage-creating bra for women who want to make the most of what they’ve got.


However, if you’re trying to squeeze into a particularly tight or slimming dress, this could be the answer you’re looking for.



Breast Enhancers


Increasingly, lingerie stores are offering enhancers for special occasions, such as a prom or party.


Breast pads or “falsies” are worn between the breast and the bra to give the appearance of larger breasts.


If you just want to enhance your figure, you can use a push up, silicone or adhesive enhancer to increase your bust size by up to one or two sizes.


What style’s right for you ?


It’s important to find what’s right for you – every woman or girl is different and has their own thoughts on what style they love.


Try a few on, fall in love with a few designs and you’ll soon be a confirmed lingerie addict, like the rest of us!
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