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Choosing The Right Sports Bra

Although sports bras are popular among young girls and women, many people who should be investing in one instead choose to suffer discomfort when they exercise or are involved in sports.

Bra expert, Lisa Sorrentino said “sports bra should be better called an ‘active bra’ “ as this more accurately reflects the need of many women who are not actively involved in sports.

young girl in sports bra

For example, the busy mum running around at home after her children may well find that additional support during the more active moments of chasing them around the home and playground most welcome.


Whilst for your every day bras, you can balance getting a well-fitted bra with choosing an attractive design, sports bras come in different designs, some of which work well for certain types of activity than others.



“In one study, 56% of women suffered from breast pain when jogging”

After your running shoes or trainers, a well-fitted sports bra should be the second thing on your shopping list.


Fit is even more important if you’re going to be moving a lot as you don’t want to have to worry about straps or breasts slipping during any activity.


Young girls should also invest in a good sports bra if they’re taking part in physical activity at school or are involved in active sports.


Even small breasts can move or bounce as much as three inches vertically during jogging and large breasts move more and can even slip out from their bras completely – a good reason for buying a purposed designed style that offers security and comfort.


Scientists are also concerned that breasts bouncing during exercise may be one of the primary reasons for sagging breasts.



“Women will limit themselves from doing exercise because of their breasts”

Deirdre McGhee, Sports Physiotherapist



Whilst they don’t come cheap, a sports bra really is an investment in your health and comfort. Particularly if you are running, playing tennis or jogging regularly, you owe it to yourself to treat yourself to one, if not two, properly designed sports bras.


What’s different about a sports bra ?


A sports bra is more supportive than and usually will have smooth, seamless cups and be made from a breathable material.



Major brands like Adidas, Brooks, Champion, Coomax, Danskin, Enell, Impact Sports, Nike, Reebok, Shock Absorber, Sloggi, Speedo, Triumph and Under Armour offer a range of comfort or fashion items that you can choose from.


The Nike innovation team recently developed what they are calling the “ Revolutionary Support Bra”, designed to be an ultra-lightweight sport bra that provides just the right amount of support, comfort and beauty.   Nike also do a pretty range of sports styles for girls.


Another favourite brand is the Enell, specially designed for the bigger breasted woman. which has had positive reviews from the Runners World magazine.


“Once you get yourself hooked into this thing, believe me they’re not going anywhere”





A review of the Shock Absorber bra concluded that it was “ built to be so strong without any heavy-duty hardware. If you really don’t like those underwires but want contour and support” (


Ask for advice when choosing your purchase – as different styles are more suitable for different types of activity. Check out the style of the armholes and back – you’ll probably find deeper armholes more comfortable if you’re running or doing aerobics.


Sports bras tend to be made from higher specification fabrics that will withstand wear and tear and offer performance and comfort.


What about sizes?


The sport bra is an ideal first bra for young girls, offering support without discomfort.   For smaller breasts the style that will probably feel more comfortable is the compression style which squashes the breasts closer to your body to minimise movement. You’ll often put these on a bit like a vest – over your head.


For larger breasted women go for the encapsulation style bra as it will both separate and support your breasts and generally offers more support and comfort for women with big breasts. It also looks rather more feminine and attractive too.


Don’t be so concerned with cup size as with fit and movement – go with what feels comfortable and you can’t go far wrong.


As any woman will know, vertical movement of the breasts whilst running can be extremely painful, and the encapsulation style is designed to restrict movement in high intensity activities such as running.


If you’ve ever seen a woman running without the support she needs – you’ll know that there’s also another reason to get some support – you don’t want every passer-by ogling your bouncing boobs!


Be Thankful – the design of sports bras has come along way from when they were first designed in the 1970’s by two women who sewed two jock straps together!


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