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Questions? – The Rise of Instagram

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The latest tool in the ever-expanding social media portfolio is the newest craze in social media, Instagram.  Launched back in 2010 by co-founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Nystrom, Instagram uses the innovations of social media pioneer Facebook to share unique photographs instantly.  Combining the sharing features of Twitter with the user group interface of Facebook, Instagram users are paving the way for the newest social media hit on Twitter.
Bought by Facebook in 2012, Instagram provides a space for people to share unique photos with each other, filtered and sorted by type and now able to be highlighted with hashtags, like Twitter.  Hashtags help to draw attention to your photos, in the case of Instagram, or your posts, as is the case with Twitter.  Other users can then share your photos by adding your hashtag to their posts.
Instagram is still relatively new and working out its kinks.  Though they reached one million active users monthly in record time in January of this year, it was preceded by a nearly fatal faux pas in their privacy terms.  As it is, your shared photos on Instagram are yours.  But in December, Instagram announced that the company was changing the terms of use to allow Instagram to sell users photos, likenesses and usernames to a third party without notice and compensation to the user.
Not only did Instagram users respond with universal pushback, so did groups that advocate for people’s rights to privacy.  It only took twenty-four hours for the people at Instagram to reverse that term change.  They are also adding new features to make it more interactive.  Previously, Instagram was only available as an app on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.  It is now available on Android phones.  Recently, user profiles were added to Instagram so that users can share information about themselves in the same way that Facebook lets users see their friends status updates and user profiles.
Facebook has revolutionized the usefulness of social media sites, now becoming a standard way to advertise, to build a website following and to push social issues.  In the same way, Instagram has the potential to revolutionize the way that people print, take pictures and track traffic statistics.  Some of the add-ons available through Instagram allow users to print stickers, track followers and likes, and enhance photos from right their mobile devices.
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