Girls First Bra Stories

Here’s some funny quotes and embarrassing stories from girls and women about the experience of buying their first bra:-

“My mom took me shopping and we found a set of underwear with a top much like a light sports bra.  I got to pick it out myself and that increased my confidence…”

“I was an am still flat, but somehow, to me, that bra represented growing up”

embarrassed young girl in pink bra-small

“I remember wanting a bra in 5th grade.  I told my grandmother because I just couldn’t broach the subject with my mom.  I told her I needed a bra because I had a shirt that itched my chest … she took me to get one.  It was tiny – but I felt better”

“I still remember my mom taking me to Macy’s or somewhere to get a bra when I was in 5th grade – I probably could have used one in 4th grade- but naturally, I resisted”

“My mom would check to make sure I’d put my bra on before we left to catch the school bus, then after we got on the bus, I would take my bra off and hide it in my backpack.  It didn’t take long before other girls were having to wear bras, too, and then we all decided it was much cooler than we’d thought before”
“My first bra was a bikini, padded and about two sizes too large for me, but I was so proud and felt so sexy!”

“I wore that bra for six months straight, it never occurred to me that it should be washed occasionally”

Claires Story:-

” Throughout my childhood and adolescence I felt that I was forever competing with my twin sister. Although being eight minutes older, I always seemed to come last, especially in body development. I used to wear little crop top vests (or training bras) that I would pinch together in the middle, but with nothing to fill them out.

When I was 11 years old, my mum took my sister and me to a shopping centre in Cambridge to get a bra fitting in time for secondary school. The thought of having a stranger measure my bust made me cringe. My sister obviously had nothing to worry about, she actually had a visible chest. The shop assistant measured me in the changing rooms of the store. She measured over my t-shirt, under and over (not that there actually was an over) and as expected I was given a little 26 AA sized bra to try on.

My sister had managed to get a single A cup. I was a little jealous but mostly I was excited that I had my first bra. My mum brought us each the style we had tried on. Mine had a pretty floral decoration on it, my sister just got a plain one. I felt grown up and ready for secondary school.  ”

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