Choosing Your First Bra

girls first bras

Buying your first bra should be an enjoyable experience, so choose carefully where you go to buy it.


A large department store with a lingerie fitting room or a specialised underwear shop will be able to assist you and should offer bra measuring to ensure correct fit.


They’ll also be able to offer advice on getting the right measurement for both your chest and cup size – so that you can choose several styles in your bra size to take into the changing room and try on.


You might be tempted to check your own sizing with a tape measure in the comfort of your own home – and although this might give you an idea of your size, there’s nothing like being professionally measured and fitted. Don’t be tempted to buy your first bras by shopping online – not only may you be disappointed with the style, but you’re unlikely to get a comfortable fit.


Most likely your first bra is likely to be an A or AA cup – these are the smallest sizes. Some stores offer smaller sizes, sometimes called training bras, for girls who are not yet ready for the standard sizes, yet want something to wear to cover up their budding breasts.


Choosing the right style and colour


You may wish to buy a white or cream bra as this will go under most clothes without showing through – especially it won’t show under those white blouses which are so often a part of school uniform.


However, you may also want to choose something with colour and pattern to wear under darker tops or when you just feel like having a bit of fun.  Often the patterned underwear styles coming with matching panties, so it can be extra-fun getting dressed in the mornings, picking out a matching set of underwear.


Popular colours are black, red and pink – though you’ll probably find every shade and hue and be overwhelmed with the choice of styles.


In a large department store you’ll be faced with dozens of different styles – from multiway, halterneck, strapless, cleavage enhancing and underwired versions.  This is when it can be very helpful to ask for advice from the assistants as to which styles will be most suitable.


It can be quite difficult working out how to fasten and unfasten a normal bra – without having to worry about multi-way and straps that unhook and refasten in strange places!


Getting the right fit


You’ll want a bra to fit well and feel comfortable.


There’s nothing worse than straps that slip down or worrying about your boobs slipping out of your bra!


From a spectators point of view, those overfilled bras where the boobs are almost overflowing from them are just a big “no-no”!


Your first bra should balance modesty with comfort – at least for everyday use.



Take along a close fitting t-shirt with you and check out how your bra looks underneath it.  Some of those lacy designs look great in the changing rooms but can be a bit revealing worn underneath tight-fitting clothing.


For special occasions, such as prom or a party, you may want to invest in a cleavage enhancing bra with clear straps or even a strapless version that won’t show under your special dress.  Most designs that helps make the most of what you’ve got are either padded or underwired, depending on your size.


If you’re conscious that you’re breasts are smaller than most of your friends, some of the padded bras designed for girls might be worth considering, as they give the impression that you’ve got more than you actually do!



How to measure yourself for a bra


If you’re wondering whether you’re ready for a bra – you probably are. You’ve noticed that your breasts have started to bud or grow and are starting to feel embarrassed or self-conscious about them when you’re out and about.


This means it’s time to buy yourself a bra, or at least a training bra, to help you feel more comfortable and supported.


If this is your first bra it’s important to get properly measured – though you can probably get away with buying the sport-style bras online if you accurately measure your chest.  Even then buy a couple of different sizes (if your online store offers free returns) so you can try them on for comfort and fit.