Bras FAQ

Girls First Bra FAQ

Here’s some popular questions asked by teen girls – if your question is not answered, please contact us so that we can add more helpful info to this site.


How do I  measure myself for a bra ?

If you’re choosing your first bra or are still growing, it’s probably best to get professionally measured in a specialist lingerie boutique or large department store.

Even if you don’t fit into the smallest AA cup size, you can still find bras that are designed to fit you, ask for a “training bra”, these are specially designed for young women.

Find out more about estimating your bra size here.

Why do I have to wear a bra?

Although most moms will argue that young girls will soon be needing support, the honest fact is that girl’s without a bra can prove very distracting to boys in and out of school!

Whilst your breasts are growing they can be tender and itchy – once you’ve fully matured and stopped growing you can make your own choice about whether you need to wear a bra or not.

If you’re engaged in sports, you may find it painful or uncomfortable without any support!

This photo shows another reason why bra-wearing is a good idea – all you can see here is this woman’s nipples, not very nice and not particularly modest either.

During the 60’s the myth of bra-burning feminists was created, although there’s no evidence to show that any bra were burned.

However, feminists maintained that bras were just another way of seeing women as a sex symbol and demonstrations did take place, including a noteable Miss America contest when bras, girdles and other constricting clothing was tossed in a trash can.

“I was the first woman to burn my bra – it took the fire department four days to put it out”

Dolly Parton

Around 90% of women in the US wear a bra, many of those who don’t claim not to need one, but once you are mature, you can make your own decision.

Can you tell me how to unhook a bra ?

The best way to learn is to practice when you’re not wearing the bra.
You’ll also find some bras easier to unhook than others – but with a little practice you’ll be able to take your bra off at night with ease – you probably won’t even think about it.

What about detachable bra straps?

With the multi-way style of bras, you often have more than one set of straps so that you can create different strap combinations – for example, strapless or halterneck.

With the recent style of clear straps you’ll often find two sets of straps in the box or packaging – one set of clear and another of matching fabric and colour.

Clear straps are great for sunny days or special occasions when you don’t want your bra to be obvious – however, they are more likely to cut into you just a little and need washing or sponging down to clean them.

Nursing bras also have detachable straps so that you can let the cup down to feed a baby.

What is a demi bra ?

The demi cup is a style that enhances cleavage and really shows off your breasts, especially if the cups are fully padded.

Victoria’s Secret offers an attractive range of demi bra styles as does the popular Maidenform brand.

How do we choose my daughters first bra ?

If you’re asking this question, it hopefully means that you’re supporting and helping your daughter in this important step in a teenage girls’ life.

Getting your daughter properly fitted can help her learn good habits for later life. Estimates vary, but between 50% and 80% of women are thought to be wearing the wrong bra size. By getting proper fitting you can ensure that her first experiences can be comfortable and reassuring.

Also, be there to remind and support her as she grows and starts to need larger sizes and choose more womanly styles.

Find out more about helping your daughter here.

How big are cc cups ?

For women who are unhappy with the shape of their body, many would like to be able to wear a C cup brassiere (whether they’re going for augmentation or reduction).

Here’s an idea of what a C or CC cup size might look like, click this link:-

However, it’s important to understand that the actual breasts can be different sizes, depending on your chest measurement.

For example, a mother might wear a 36C bra, but have rather larger breasts than her daughter, who is wearing a 32C.


What does a b cup look like ?

For images and photos of actual women’s breasts and their relevant sizes, check out

Again, remember that the actual size will depend on your chest measurement.